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3 HubSpot Sales Hub Tips That You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

Discover the best hubspot sales hub tips that you can start using today to make your life simpler!

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Tired of shuffling through endless tabs, drowning in data, and herding sales teams like cats? Yeah, we feel you. 

As fantastic as HubSpot is, it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out the massive range of features while juggling sales calls, prospecting, sitting in meetings (that could’ve been emails), and managing a team.

If you’ve ever fantasized about a streamlined, less chaotic world where productivity is king and data quality isn’t just a myth, buckle up — we’re diving into HubSpot Sales Hub tips that are about to transform your sales game from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’.

1. Sales coaching just got easier.

If you’re a sales manager and sales training is something that takes up most of your time from your day, HubSpot’s kickass Coaching Playlist feature can help.

Coaching Playlist lets you create playlists based on the best sales calls from your sales team. You can simply start by creating a playlist and adding the best call recordings.

You can also create a playlist based on specific situations like negotiation calls, follow-up calls, etc. 

Don’t want everyone to have access to your playlists? You can limit access by clicking ‘share’ and selecting the teams or users that you want to share your playlist(s) with.

There’s also an option to follow a playlist. Following a playlist will notify your team every time a new recording is added to the playlist — like a YouTube channel!

2. Say goodbye to juggling tabs and windows.

Struggling to manage all your tasks, sequences, and meetings for the day? You’ll love HubSpot’s new public beta feature called Prospecting. 

Now, if you haven’t joined beta, make sure you go to product updates and join the beta version for Prospecting Workspace. 

Once you join beta, you can see a daily tasks overview, overdue tasks, sequences, contacts enrolled in the sequences, and your meetings for the day.

You can also see your teammates’ schedules for the day from right there. Just go to ‘Schedule’ to see a full calendar view of all the tasks, calendar events, and HubSpot meetings for your team. 

And it gets better. 

Go to ‘Feed,’ and you can also see your logged activities on HubSpot like emails opened, leads visited, documents viewed, etc. 

Stop juggling tabs and windows and run your day like clockwork with HubSpot’s Prospecting feature.

3. Clean up your sales data, pronto.

Ever shown your boss your sales reports, and the data in there doesn’t match real sales? Oof – so embarrassing, you’ll want to move to another country.

Here’s how you avoid getting into awkward situations and optimize your data on HubSpot. 

On your contacts page, you’ll find an option called ‘Data Quality.’ Here you can find insights about your property information, record information, data sync, and workflows.

Let’s take property as an example. Click on view all property insights, and you’ll see there are X properties that don’t have any data, Y are unused, and Z are duplicates. 

Now, if you’re using any of these properties in your reports, you can figure out if you’re working with accurate data. You can similarly check the quality of my data on the record level, and check the quality of data insights at a data-sync and workflow level.

Who said data optimization is hard? Pfft.

HubSpot can be a puzzle – let’s solve it together!

We got onto the HubSpot train quite a while back, and just like you (and most of our clients), we were quickly overwhelmed by the massive ecosystem of features and integrations that the CRM offers.

With time, we’ve pretty much mastered HubSpot’s different hubs and earned ourselves a Diamond Partner status. Now, we want to help businesses and teams like yours extract every single drop of ROI from HubSpot. 

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