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HubSpot Audit Knowledge Doc

Step 1:Login to your HubSpot portal

Visit Boundary’s HubSpot Audit page to kickstart your audit process. Enter your work email id & click on the “Login to HubSpot” button to connect your HubSpot portal.

Login in Hubspot
Step 2:Connect your hubspot account to the app

You will then be redirected to your HubSpot login page with your account details already showing up. Choose your HubSpot account to get in. If your account doesn’t directly show up here, enter your credentials to proceed.

Connect your hubspot account to the app
Step 3:Grant the required access

You’ll now be prompted to grant access to the app to connect with your portal. Read through the permissions and hit “Connect app” to allow and proceed.

Grant the required permissions
Step 4:Click on Generate Report

Voila! Your HubSpot account will then be connected. You’ll be taken to Boundary’s page where you can click on “Generate Report” to start the report generation process.

Click on Generate Report
Step 5:Your report is being generated

You will then be redirected to the Thank You page while your report is being generated.

Thank you
Step 6:Received your report PDF over email

In the next few working hours, you’ll receive an in-depth audit PDF of your HubSpot platform over email. For further consultation, book a meeting with us through the link in the mail.

Receive your report over email